September 9, 2022

Three outsourcing trends to look out for in 2023

Various data on outsourcing show that this number hasn’t changed since the fourth quarter of 2019. AI will be used to analyze and interpret data, create personalized solutions, and automate complex tasks. This will allow businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively, while also reducing costs. AI-driven automation will also lead to faster, more accurate decisions and insights, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the competition. An offshore team can help a small company be competitive and look sharp even when the competition is huge.

outsourcing trends 2023

In this article, we’ll explore some of the emerging trends and predictions that are likely to shape the future of global outsourcing in 2023 and beyond. We’re seeing traditional infrastructure projects, it outsourcing trends which have long been the core business of providers, taking a back seat. Instead, aspects of the sourcing process that directly contribute to value creation for the enterprise client now have priority.

#2. Significant Shift to Total/Human Experience (HX)

The global ITO, BPO&O, and Shared Service Markets are likely to witness growth in 2023 despite the coming recession. However, industry players must acknowledge and adapt to new customer demands, where quality, value, human experience, and cost reduction are on the agenda. Offshore CX destinations will keep acquiring investments, yet the decision-making process may become longer, considering the tough economic situations and uncertainty.

outsourcing trends 2023

Whether you’re interested in understanding the market’s past, present, or future, our report provides the data you need, including projected market size in terms of both value and volume. While by Application, Government was the leading segment, accounting for over percent market share in 2021, and altered to an percent CAGR throughout this forecast period. In 2023, the IT outsourcing market is expected to expand significantly as more businesses turn to external vendors to meet their computing, storage, analytics, automation, and cybersecurity requirements. In addition, many Vietnamese solution providers are now open to the possibilities presented by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain, etc.

Outsourcing trend 2023 #6: Internet of things

Businesses are making IT investments to keep up with a rapidly-changing landscape. Companies are also investing in digital transformation, and digital marketing is one of the critical issues facing SMBs in 2023. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology evolve, contact centers are using them to transform customer experiences through agent assist, self-service, and conversational analytics capabilities.

Gallimore also stated that the sector is countercyclical, indicating that the cost-cutting measures and potential recession in the West would create more opportunities for outsourcing in the Philippines and other locations. In 2023, gainsharing will be a key driver of trends in outsourcing, with decision-makers increasingly looking to gain shared cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved quality outcomes. Gainsharing is a mechanism through which two parties – the customer and the IT service provider – share any benefits from their relationship. It enables customers to receive an agreed-upon share of the savings generated by their service providers, while service providers are incentivized to provide maximum value and cost savings.


More organizations are choosing to outsource business activities, resulting in an outsourcing market expansion. Outsourcing gives companies a competitive advantage by reducing operating costs, enabling staffing flexibility, and saving time. The most cost-effective way to grow, scale, and progress continue to be outsourcing. BPO is meeting the growing demand by providing experienced teams in finance and accounting to perform financial services, including accounts payable and receivables. When it comes to outsourcing trends in 2022, new outsourcing trends have emerged for greater sustainability, technology advancements, flexibility, and globalization. Here are the outsourcing trends in 2022 that seem promising for the growth of businesses.

GoDaddy’s mission is to empower their worldwide community of 20+ million customers — and entrepreneurs everywhere — by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online. Jack is responsible for developing and executing the future global care strategy that will continue to differentiate GoDaddy as the advocate of small business success throughout the world. Jack is an influential change leader who has a passion for technology, innovation, and seeing people succeed. His foundational expertise and passion for building a solid employee and customer centric culture started at MCI where he was repeatedly recognized for record-breaking performance & leadership achievements.

Emphasising Cost Reduction

We’ll also see AI being used to create more accurate predictions and forecasts, allowing businesses to make decisions based on a better understanding of the future. Take a look at how BlackRock uses its Aladdin AI system to get an idea of just how powerful this tech can be. AI will be an integral part of the business landscape in 2023, and it’s an exciting time for anyone interested in the power of technology.

  • These aspects include future business process outsourcing trends, technology drivers, and significant challenges.
  • The basis of outsourcing business is to accelerate the pace of one’s business and increase its efficiency.
  • In a study published by GSA UK in 2020, companies said that the quality and value of outsourced goods were top priorities.
  • Many entrepreneurs experienced difficulties in finding bright professionals while starting their companies.
  • Additionally, navigating Covid-related health regulations and travel restrictions in distant and culturally different countries can be a huge business challenge.

Businesses looking to remain competitive in the global market must stay up to date on these trends and adapt their outsourcing strategies accordingly. Whether it is embracing remote work, utilising the power of automation, or exploring new geographical locations, remaining at the forefront is crucial for success in the dynamic world of outsourcing. Partners often develop robust risk management frameworks, industry-specific compliance expertise, and advanced security measures.

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Finally, we can expect to see an increase in the use of biometric authentication, such as fingerprint and facial recognition. All these changes will ensure that our data is as safe and secure as possible. At the same time, large companies can trim down budgets and make a sleeker financial profile while getting a team that knows how to work within large structures. Companies may also engage in charity work, supporting various social causes such as poverty alleviation, education, and healthcare.

outsourcing trends 2023

Here’s the review our client left Clutch about their successful cooperation experience with the Cleveroad team. It puts effort into giving some of its manufacturing jobs back to the US employees. However, Walmart still collaborates with around ten thousand manufacturing plants in China. The Internet of Things (IoT) will be a major force in 2023, as more and more devices become connected and integrated with each other.

Discrete Manufacturing ERP Market: Recent Growing Trend 2030 Report Pages- 127

As a leading robotic vacuum cleaning company, iRobot prides itself on being a mission-driven builder that is revolutionizing the way the world cleans with consumer robots. While the remote agent is here to stay, in some nearshore and offshore sectors, we are starting to see a trendline toward in-center staffing. Many operations have reported that work-at-home has not improved agent retention across the industry. In some markets, it has made attrition worse, as it is easier for agents to “quit” a job virtually vs. in-person. When outsourcing, the quality of the partner you choose is paramount to a successful relationship and outsourcing experience. As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, it’s likely that in 2023 there’ll be a trend toward less traditional outsourcing services.